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    Mr. Sasso
    Honors United States History II
    Periods 3,4,5 
    US History II
    Grade 11
    5 credits/full year 

    US History II examines the social, economic, technological, and political changes that develop as the United States becomes an increasingly more powerful nation and a world leader. The course traces US foreign policy from WWI through the modern era and examines how social change during that time has shifted domestic policy on issues related to gender, race and class 

    Philosophy and Rationale 

    This course is important for students because it will help students acquire the knowledge and skills to think analytically about how past and present interactions of people, cultures, and the environment shape the American heritage. Such knowledge and skills enable students to make informed decisions that reflect core democratic values as productive citizens in local, national, and global communities  


    1. The Great War and its Aftermath (1914-1921) 
    2. The Roaring 20’s & The Great Depression (1922-1939) 
    3. WWII: American Intervention and the Homefront (1940-1948) 
    4. The Cold War (1949-1976)
    5. Civil Rights and Social Change (1948-1990)
    6. Contemporary United States: America and Globalism (1990-Present)


    Grading Policy


    All grading will be based on total points.