Expectations and Grading

     The goals set by the NJ Department of Education for social studies are:

    "Mission: Social studies education provides learners with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to become active, informed citizens and contributing members of local, state, national, and global communities in the digital age.

    Vision: An education in social studies fosters a population that:

    • Is civic minded, globally aware, and socially responsible.
    • Exemplifies fundamental values of American citizenship through active participation in local and global communities.
    • Makes informed decisions about local, state, national, and global events based on inquiry and analysis.
    • Considers multiple perspectives, values diversity, and promotes cultural understanding.
    • Recognizes the implications of an interconnected global economy.
    • Appreciates the global dynamics between people, places, and resources.
    • Utilizes emerging technologies to communicate and collaborate on career and personal matters with citizens of other world regions. "
    Classroom Expectations
    • Respect- Be polite and respectful toward your classmates, instructor and yourself.  Raise your hand to answer questions or speak. Listen to others when they are speaking.

    •  Preparation- come prepared for class EVERY DAY. Bring your 3-ring binder with paper, charged laptop and writing implement. Leave your textbook at home for use there.
    •  Please do the reading and/or assignment prior to class and be prepared to participate actively.

    •  Active class participation is encouraged and expected. A percentage of your grade may be based on your class participation.
    •  No cell phones. Please turn off your cell phone and put it away.
    • Appropriate use of technology. Please abide by the Acceptable Use Policy to which you agreed.


     Leaving the Classroom –

    If there is an emergency, ask permission to leave the room. Sign out and fill out the pass. Sign back in when you return. Please don’t abuse the privilege

    No student will leave the classroom during the first or last 10 minutes of the period.

    Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom for any reason without a pass.

    Students will not be allowed to leave the room for food or drinks




    If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to see me for the work you missed IMMEDIATELY upon your return...even if our class does not meet that day. In the meantime, consult schoolwires.

     If you are absent the day of an assessment, you will be expected to make it up the day you return. If you are absent more than one day, you will be given an additional day for each day you are out. Otherwise, you will receive a 0 on the assessment.

     If you are absent on a review day prior to an assessment, you will still be expected to take the assessment.



    You MUST sign in the logbook upon entering the room whether you are tardy or tardy excused. Please do not disrupt the class in the process.



    Graded assignments include:






    Class participation



    Grades are based on total point system.  Your marking period grade will be based on points earned over the total points possible throughout the marking period.

    Tests, essays, quizzes and projects are worth more points than homework and classwork
    Please hand in your homework when it is due to be eligible for full credit.

    No late work.

    Late projects will lose 1 letter grade for each day it is late.


    If you know there is a circumstance that will prevent you from submitting your work on time, let me know BEFORE it is due so accommodations can be made.

    There is no "Extra-credit." There will be plenty of “regular” work. Focus on that and do your best.


    If you have questions, please ask me.