• Classroom Expectations

    The expectation for this classroom is simple:  Respect.  This begins with respect for yourself that extends outward to respect for each other, respect for me, and respect for the learning environment.  You can expect the same from me.

    ·        Be on time for class

    ·        Be prepared for class - laptop charged, current text, notebook, pen, highlighter

    ·        Complete homework on time – All assignments will be posted on schoolwires.  If you do not have your homework, it is your responsibility to see me to complete it by the end of that day.  My assumption is that the only reason you wouldn’t have your homework completed is because you didn’t understand it.  It is important that you complete it and show it to me so that you don’t fall behind on the next assignment.  Homework is tied to larger assignments, so completing homework will also improve the quality of your overall work and grades.  I am available for extra help after school, during lunch, or during periods 2, 3, and 6. If you want to do well in class, you will complete your homework.

    ·        You are responsible for any work/test/quiz missed.  If you are absent, you are expected to have it completed when you return.  Tests and quizzes are to be made up when you return.  Please see me to arrange a time for this.

    ·         When someone is speaking, we listen.  I want to hear what you have to say.  Be respectful of other points of view and think about how to communicate your ideas effectively so that class discussion is rich, productive, and thought provoking.     

    ·        Be involved – class is much better when you are an integral part of it!

    ·        Use of electronic devices, other than your school issued laptop, is not allowed.

    ·        Stay away from the door at the end of class – prepare to work until the bell.


    Grading Procedures

    Grades will be calculated using a points system.  You will know the point value of each assignment ahead of time. Your grade is calculated as follows:          

                                                                   points obtained

                                                                total possible points          x   100


    I am looking forward to a terrific year!