• Class Expectations:

    •          Be positive. Class will be a lot more fun when you come with a positive attitude. 

    •          Come to the class on time.

    •          Listen when others are speaking. Do not carry a private conversation during lectures, guest presentations 
              or work sessions.
    •          Teamwork is a requirement in this class. You will have to work with others.

    •         If you missed a class, please do let me know. You are responsible to find out what's taught and any given 
           Daily Required Materials:
    •          Fully charged laptop
    •          Notebook
    •          Worksheet binder
    •          Pen or pencil
    •          Completed assignment (if requested)

      1. Tests (25%)     

            * A test for each chapter.

      2. Quizzes (25%)

            *Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.

      3. Classwork (25%)

            *Only complete work is acceptable. 

            *All assignments missed due to an absence must be made up.

      4. Project (15%)

               *It can a group project or an individual project. Clear guidelines will be provided at the time the project is announced.

      5. Class Participation (10%)