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    Extra Help: Monday/Tuesday/Wed/Thursday/Friday

    Extra help is available to students every day in the mornings and at lunch.  If necessary, afternoon help can be made by appointment only.

    Please DO NOT wait until the day before a test/quiz to get help for a section/unit.  Once you are confused on a topic, see me immediately so we can clarify any misconceptions before moving onto new material.  Believe me, it will save you a great deal of stress. 
    Every day (appointment preferred): Before school (7:15am) 
    After school and lunch: extra help is by appointment only. No Wednesday availability.


    Grading:   Tests- 50% Quiz- 20%, Lab- 20 %, HW- 10%

    If you are absent for a quiz/test due to a field trip or an extra curricular activity/college visit, you will be responsible to make it up the day you return.

    If you are absent for a quiz/test due to illness, you will have one day to review and it will be made up the following day.
    Long term illness/other situations will be handled individually.
    If you know you will be absent on a day, please see me ahead of time to give you the work missed.  You do not want to fall behind.  I keep wires updated and expect you to keep up with the classwork if you are not in class.


    Safety is a top priority which affects the entire class and the learning environment.  Proper lab procedures will be strictly enforced in the classroom. 



    Biology Expectations




    Dimensional Analysis ppt

    Metric Prefixes