• Expectations and Grading 

    The following are my minimal expectations for all classes: 

    I expect everyone to: 

    immediately write their names and the date on any handout;

    be in their seat, ready for class when the bell rings;

    bring their books, papers, pens, pencils, laptops and other supplies to class; 

    charge their laptops so they don’t have to plug them in while in class;

    drinking only water and eat nothing in class;

    keep cell phones, Ipods, cameras or recorders out of sight and out of hand;

    never go to the rest room during the first or last ten minutes of class;

    close the door softly and not let it slam;

    turn in papers and projects on time, neatly prepared in the assigned format;

    check emails and the eboard daily;

    not hide from me under a hat or hood as class participation is 25% of your grade;

    sign in and out of the classroom every time they enter or exit;

    sit in a chair with their feet on the floor;

    respect me, their peers and themselves, especially during the screening of movies, many of which contain materials of a sexual or otherwise suggestive or provocative nature.  Again, you are senior honors students; that means something so act accordingly; 

    be polite and refrain from interrupting me or another student when they are speaking to the class;

    refrain, under any circumstances, to fall in love with anyone more messed up than yourself; 

    Procedures and Priorities 

    There is no reason - NONE - for anyone at any time to be using a cell phone while in calss.  Cell phones shoud be out of sight, out yf your hands, off your desks, in your backpacks, and not in your pockets.

    Referring to #9 above, always turn in work in the assigned format.  If I ask for a hard copy, turn in a hard copy.  If I ask you to email it, email it.  If I ask that you click and drag it into my drop box, then click and drag it into my drop box.  If you’re required to turn it in to turnitin.com, then do so. 

    Late work and work in any format other than assigned will not be accepted.  For example, don’t show up in class with a flash drive and ask me to print it out for you because I won’t. 

    Referring to #12 above, when you sign in and out, be sure to record the date and times.  You will also be required to take a signed pass when you leave class. 

    All assignments, unless otherwise instructed, are to be written in double spaced Georgia 12 font and turned in via Turnitin.com. 

    Drop Box Protocol:  DON’T USE IT!  NEVER, NEVER USE THE DROP BOX! 



    Grading for English 12 is divided into three categories configured for total points: (1) Assessments including tests, quizzes and projects; (2) Writing including both short writing assignments and longer essays; (3) Practice including homework, work-in-class and participation.

    Grading for Film Analysis will be determined on a total points basis for assignments in four general categories: (1) Homework including short assignments for writing and understanding; (2) Assessements including tests and quizzes; (3) Writing including short paragraph assignments and longer essays; (4) Projects including presentations.

    Grading for Public Speaking will be determined on a total points basis for assignments in four general categories: (1) Preparation including time & effort spent in developing speeches; (2) Writing including both short and long speech-writing assignments, plus any essays; (3) Assessment including quizzes and tests; (4) Class participation which includes active listening and supporting classmates in their efforts.   

    Grades are calculated using a points system.  Students will know the point value of each assignment ahead of time.