1. Be punctual
    • You should be seated by the time the bell rings.
    • When the bell rings the door will be closed and you are late.
    • If for any reason you are late, excused or unexcused, please enter the room quietly, sign the late book and write your explanation. This ensures that you are marked tardy in the attendance record and not absent.
    • If you have a pass put it in the late book too. Please do not interrupt the class.


    1. Be prepared
    • Bring your textbook, notebook, charged laptop and a pen/pencil every day.
    • All assignments will be collected in the first few minutes of class. Assignments completed during class will be considered late.


    1. Be polite
    • Show respect for yourself, your classmates, and your teacher.
    • In whole class discussions only one person speaks at a time and the others listen.


    1. Participate
    • Raise your hand and be recognized to answer a question or contribute to the discussion.
    • Fulfill your role in cooperative learning activities.
    • Ask any/all questions to clarify instruction or content.


    1. Homework
    • Complete it. Once an assignment is reviewed in class or corrected and returned, it cannot be made up.
    • A list of all homework assignments given is posted on my River Dell Website. Please check if it you are absent, as it is your responsibility to complete it in a timely manner.
    • A one day absence requires work to be handed in the day after you return. You do not want to fall behind.  Longer absences will be handled individually.


    1. Lab Reports
    • Lab experiments may be done to answer a question, model a process or test an idea.
    • Usually, the data will be collected in class and the analysis and conclusions started. Labs are expected to be completed at home.
    • Points will be deducted for late labs. Remember once an assignment is reviewed in class or corrected and returned, it cannot be made up.
    • It is your responsibility to make up a missed lab that week if possible.
    • You will be responsible for lab information on future tests/quiz.
    1. Tests/Quiz
      • Tests/Quizzes will be announce ahead of time and posted on wires. Do not expect a separate in class review for every test/quiz
      • Extra help is available every day. Please use it.




    Grading:   Number of points earned/Total points

    If you are absent for a quiz/test due to a field trip or an extra curricular activity/college visit, you will be responsible to make it up the day you return.

    If you are absent for a quiz/test due to illness, you will have one day to review and it will be made up the following day.

    Long term illness/other situations will be handled individually.


    If you know you will be absent on a day, please see me ahead of time to give you the work missed.  You do not want to fall behind.  I keep wires and One Note updated and expect you to keep up with the classwork if you are not in class.