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    20th Century Art
    Course Description: Students will explore the principles of design:balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity. Students will use a variety of media including, graphite, ink, watercolor, marker and mixed media.


  • Sketch of the Day

    Your drawings should be your own interpretation of  "The Sketch of the Day". Sketches can be comical, serious, cartoon, realistic - there is no correct or incorrect way to doodle! 


    Sketch List 

    1. Something in your backpack
    2. 3 things you don’t eat
    3. A mouse stealing cheese from a refrigerator
    4. An alligator belly dancing
    5. A mad scientist
    6. 3 things that look nice, but smell bad
    7. A turtle jumping a hurdle
    8. A fall landscape
    9. Combine 3 existing animals to create a new creature
    10. A family portrait as either animals or inanimate objects
    11. A SCUBA diver snow skiing
    12. A dinosaur and a caveman playing checkers
    13. Your favorite toy as a child
    14. Something you’re wearing
    15. 3 things you cannot live without
    16. Your favorite real-life person
    17. A llama riding a surfing
    18. A family of ants having a picnic
    19. Your favorite place to decompress (relax)
    20. Something that smells incredible
    21. Something that can’t be turned off
    22. An elephant cooking
    23. A spaceship
    24. A group of aliens partying
    25. What is under your bed
    26. Your favorite spot to vacation
    27. Fill your page with lines illustrating your mood today
    28. Design a robot
    29. Something you miss
    30. Yourself as a food
    31. Find an object in the room, draw it!
    32. Trace two fingers and turn them into something
    33. The contents of a garbage can
    34. Something melting
    35. Stick figures dancing
    36. A lizard sunbathing
    37. A rainstorm of sprinkles
    38. A hotdog flying
    39. Something other than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    40. A pair of shoes made out of flowers
    41. A crayon crying
    42. A cabin on top of a cloud
    43. An eye with tree branches for eyelashes
    44. Something gross
    45. An inanimate object that came to life