•     If you would like to attend extra help with Ms. DuBois before or after school please come see me in room 230!
    In case you are having OneNote difficulties here is a quizlet review of information on quiz for ch 10 section 1 Quizlet review of Vocabulary and Important People (please note some information from section 2 is in here-if you didn't outline it, it is not on the quiz). 
     The following list are common IEP accommodations and modifications provided but not limited to:

    -Coteaching with incorporation of Differentiated Instruction



    -Individual Assistance 

    -Study Reviews 

    -Preferred Seating/Proximity Control 

    -Read direction aloud

    -Repeat and clarify directions/questions

    -Breakdown task into manageable units

    -Assist student's in setting short terms goals

    -Assist with organization/materials