• Middle School Summer Programs:

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    BCSCA K-8 Directory:

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    Perform Care & Children’s Mobile Response:

    Please click here to view the flyer for Perform Care and its related agencies which are a great resource for parents and students in crisis. 


    Parenting and Family Guide for Programs in Bergen County

    Please click here to view the February 2018 flyer of Parenting and Family Guide. 

    Care Plus Offers Group Therapy and Support Groups for Children and Families

    In addition to Care Plus's outpatient services, they also offer a variety of group services, such as LGBTQ Support Groups, Parenting classes, Social Skills Groups, and Music Therapy. Their groups enhance the mental and physical well-being of children, teens, and parents who are struggling with social, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Consider it a safe, stigma-free place to go to heal mind and body…and just feel better…together. To find out more, contact them at 201-265-8200 ext 5210 or click below for the complete listing of groups and their meeting dates.  
    Hearts and Crafts Counseling: This amazing counseling center located in Hillsdale, NJ helps children, teens, and adults feel supported while going through the bereavement process, living with someone with an illness, or dealing with divorce, abuse, anxiety, depression, diabetes, or adjustment disorders. They help all individuals find comfort in a supportive environment where they can heal and grow. Hearts and Crafts runs individual, group and couples therapy.  Groups typically run for 8 weeks and cost $40, per session, per person.  
    Feel free to call 201-818-9399 for more information, visit www.heartsandcraftscounseling.org, or email Lisa at ltredici@heartsandcraftscounseling.org.

    DCPP (Division of Child Protection and Permanency): Please click here for the PowerPoint slides from the DCPP presentation at the October TLC meeting.  

    Division of Family Guidance (Truancy and other related services): Please click here for the PowerPoint slides from the Division of Family Guidance presentation at the October BCSCA k-8 meeting. Please click on individual links below to access important information on Truancy.