River Dell Middle School
    National Junior ART Honor Society
    Chapter 5762410 
    The National Junior Art Honor Society provides 8th grade students with opportunities to explore artistic and creative passions while utilizing their talents  to promote art awareness within the school community. 


  • The Goals for the National Junior Art Honor Society at River Dell Middle School:
    1. Recognizes those students who have shown outstanding ability in the field of art.
    2. Serve an as inspiration for students to strive for higher goals in their work. 
    3. Foster excellence and a dedicated spirit in the pursuit of art. 
    4. Encourage the creative ability and talents of the individual student. 
    5. Bring art to the attention of the school and community.  
    6. Increase the awareness of art as a viable area within the total school curriculum.    
    Continued membership in the National Junior Art Honor Society is based upon:         
    1. Annual dues of $15 paid by November 1st.
    2. Must  be enrolled in Art class and maintain a 90 or higher average
    3. Consistent attendance at mandatory meetings. Only two excused absences will be allowed.
    4. Participation in activities and fundraisers of the NJAHS.   
    5. Completion of the 15 service hours in the visual arts each year.  
    6. Participation of two “art workshops” and submission of completed pieces.
    Activities Include:
    Numerous school and community service opportunities, art exhibits, school bulletin boards, submissions for concert program covers, literary Magazine, and art exhibit flyers, fundraisers, art competitions, murals, art workshops, and Induction Ceremony and exhibit. 


  • River Dell Middle School NJAHS Chapter 5762410 Bylaws

    Section 1 Bylaws: A chapter may wish to include bylaws to amplify sections of its constitution. Bylaws do not need to be approved by the National Council if they are consistent with regulations outlined in the constitution. A current copy of the local chapter bylaws must be filed with NAEA.

    Section 2 Membership Requirements: To remain a member in good standing, a member must pay dues, attend required meetings and events, and complete 15 service hours in the visual arts each year. In addition, members will be held to a code of conduct as a member of an honor society. See sections below for further detail.

    Section 3 Dues: Annual dues of $15 will be collected from each member by November 1st of each school year.

    Section 4 Attendance:  A. Attendance is required at meetings to maintain membership and privileges. Members are required to attend mandatory meetings. Two excused absences will be allowed. Members must notify an advisor prior to the scheduled meeting. B. Attendance at the induction ceremony each year is required for new inductees as well as previously inducted members.

    Section 5 Participation: All members must participate in 2 of our projects, activities, and fundraisers.

    Section 6 Officers: A. The selection of officers will be made by the advisor. Interested members will apply and be chosen on their knowledge, creative ability and conduct to fulfill the requirements of the River Dell and National chapter standards, as well as their ability to act as role models to the membership. B. Attendance is also required at any executive meetings called outside of the regularly scheduled meetings. C. Officers, in conjunction with Advisor, will be responsible for maintaining records of attendance, service, and minutes.

    Section 7 Graduation Requirement: To graduate with NAHS honors and earn the right to the wear a cord, pin, or tassel at graduation, a member must remain in good standing until the graduation date.

    Section 8 Visual Art Academic Requirement: Members must retain a 90 average in their art.  

    Section 9 General Requirements: Members must have and maintain all requirements established by the RD Board of Education and found in the Student Handbook including paying any activity fees as established by the district.

    Section 10 Course Schedule: Members must be enrolled in art class.

    Section 11 Code of Conduct:  In the event a member is in violation of River Dell Middle School’s code of student conduct as outlined in the student handbook, the member may be subject to removal from NJAHS.  Dues will not be reimbursed in the event of a disciplinary removal.

    Section 12 Conduct Review:  In the event of an infraction of RDMS discipline code or the NJAHS By-laws, a review by the Officers and Advisors will be conducted. If the individual in question is an officer, he/she will not participate in the decision-making process. This applies to all community laws as well as school and chapter rules.