• Final Presentation Requirements

    Using Visuals (PowerPoint, Prezi, Movie Maker, Photographs, and or video interviews,)

    Tell a story of your internship experience

    Begin with your goals and objectives

    What you thought the experience was going to be like

    Were you nervous?

    How was your adjustment to the experience (schedule, working with new people, communicating with co-workers & supervisors?)

    What did you learn during the experience mostly about YOURSELF as a Professional?

    Do you think you did the best job you could?

    Did you meet the expectations of the program, mentor goals & expectations?

    What would you have done differently?

    Are you proud of your performance if not why?

    What played the largest role in your experience?  Was it your attitude, behavior, working environment, supervisor’s attitude?

    What did you like the best about your experience?


    These presentations should be 5 minutes in length.  Be prepared to answer questions.  Provide visuals (you at the placement, the office or location, graphics)