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    Kevin Looram
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    Bachelor of education University of Miami
    Masters in Administration Leadership New Jersey City University
    Athletic career earned three varsity letters playing football at the University of Miami
    MVP of the 1975 Miami vs Florida game
    Bergen County college athlete of the year 1975
    Extra help every morning 2:30 - 3:05 Mon, Tues, Thurs.
    Welcome to Sophomore physical education/driver education. 
    All 10th graders will have three marking periods of Physical Education and one marking period of Drivers Education. Beginning November 18th and ending January 31st all sophomores will be taking Drivers Education.  The curriculum consists of teaching "Defensive Driving" tactics as well as preparing the students for their permit.

    Permit and licensing procedures:

    Special Learner's Permit 
    Step #1 - Age requirement 16 and must pass the state written exam with a score of 80% or better.
                   The exam will be given the last week in January before mid-term exams start.
                    All periods will take the exam on Thursday January 30th. 

    Step #2 - Enrolled in driving school (must be an approved commercial driving school) 2 local schools are FNL and General 
                   Driving School.  Must complete 6 hrs. of behind the wheel training (special learner's permit)

    Examination Permit
    Step #3 - Students must practice their driving skills under the supervision of a New Jersey licensed driver who is at least
                   21 with at least 3 years of driving experience for a minimum of 6 months.  They may only drive within the state 
                   of New Jersey.
                   Restrictions are : No Driving 11:01pm  - 5:00am, no hand held or hands free cell phones or other electronic 
                   devices, driver dependents and one additional passenger unless accompanied by a parent, decals on license
                   plates, Everyone in the car must wear seat belts

    Probationary License
    Step #4 - Age requirement is 17, Practice driving on permit for at least 6 months, no suspensions or postponements, 
                  must pass the road test.
                  Restrictions are the same as with the permit..

    Basic License
    Step #5 - must be 18, Completed 1 year of unsupervised driving, pay required fee