Gracemarie Lamparillo
    Learning Disability Teacher-Consultant/ Reading Specialist
    Case Manager/ SLE Coordinator
    email: grace.lamparillo@riverdell.org

    Contact Information:


    High School Office: 

                                                                                                           2nd Floor, room 910                                                                                                           

    55 Pyle Street Oradell, NJ 07649
    phone: 201-599-7229 

    Office Days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday


    Middle School Office: 

    1st Floor, room 101A

    230 Woodland Avenue River Edge, NJ 07661

    phone: 201-599-7229 

    Office Days: Monday and Wednesday 


    Office Hours:

    Monday  7:50am - 4:00pm 

    Tuesday  7:50am - 4:00pm 

                        Wednesday 7:50am - 3:00pm                         

    Thursday 7:50am - 4:00pm

             Friday 7:50am - 3:00 pm