• Señora Miriam Gargiulo
    River Dell Middle School
    Spanish Department
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    Bienvenidos a la clase de español. 
      Our goal in middle school Spanish class is to prepare students to communicate in a language other than English. The River Dell Spanish program develops the skills and awareness needed to understand and to effectively interact with people of Spanish cultures in various settings. The program also explores the customs and cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

      Throughout the year, the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, will be emphasized. Thematic units, oral exercises, grammar exercises, dialogues, skits, songs, and reading exercises will help the students to attain the program goals. Since culture is a vital part of learning the Spanish language, various supplemental materials and activities will be included to acquaint the students with the culture of Spain and the Hispanic Americas.



    SPANISH I - 7th grade

    Spanish 7 promotes a positive, communicative environment to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish. Students will begin to compare and contrast aspects of their culture and language with those of Spanish-speaking countries. Communication and cultural awareness is enhanced by addressing topics of family, school, community, geography, travel, and themselves.


    SPANISH II - 8th Grade

    This course expands on the experiences of Spanish 7 and continues the emphasis on spoken language skills, with an increasing use of reading and writing to reinforce the spoken word. Students will learn to talk about weather (summer & winter sports), health (food and good nutrition), cultural activities (art, music, theatre, movies), transportation (train & airplane travel), camping, sightseeing, and personal grooming. Students are also exposed to basic aspects of both Spanish and Hispanic cultures as it relates to our increasingly cosmopolitan world.