• Welcome to 8th Grade Science!
    John Herbeck

    River Dell Middle School

    Earth Science, Human Impact, Energy, Sound and Light Waves


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    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

    Extra Help:  After school - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please inform me when you plan on coming in during class or the day before. 


    All of the important links you will need during the school year are on the left side. Be sure to check the "week at a glance" link and its sublinks regularly to keep up with current in class topics, assignments and assessments.
    Students will study multiple topics during the course of the year, these may include:
    Earth Science

        -   Minerals

        -   Rock Cycle / Types of Rock

        -   Geologic Time Scale / Radioactive Dating

        -   Weathering

        -   Plate Tectonics / Mountain Building

         -   Earthquakes / VolcanoesLithium Atom
         -   The Water Cycle / Meteorology
         -   Climate Change  
    Earth and Human Impact

        -   Human Activity and Ecosystems

        -   Human Impact on the Environment


        -   Intro to Energy

        -   Temperature

         -   Thermal Energy and Heat
         -   Energy Transfe

    Sound and Light

        -   Sound waves

        -   Light Waves

        -   Wave Length / Height

        -   Frequency / Amplitude

    Some scientific skills they will continue to develop during the year include, using the scientific method to create hypotheses, creating experiments, analyzing data/creating graphs, making valid conclusions  and using laptops to work with computer simulations of experiments that can be manipulated to any degree taking any potentially dangerous scenarios out of the equation.
    The students will also learn how to make accurate measurements using metric rulers, balances, thermometers, beakers and graduated cylinders. The students will work in large and small groups to carry out most labs/assignments.