S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) 

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    Mr. Anthony Ciccotelli
    Engineering courses allow students to apply math and science concepts when building hands-on projects, solve problems, be creative, develop a strong work ethic 
    and a sense of pride about their work.
    Invention, Design, Creativity and Problem Solving in pursuit of a better future! 
      Extra Help - Mr. Ciccotelli is available for extra help before or after school in Room 145 by appointment.
    "Our Green Initiative."--- In STEM we have been very quietly pursuing our Green Initiative in the following ways:
      A.  Reusing heat treated wooden pallets by disassembling them and turning them into useful student designed products like phone cradles. 
      B.  Re-purposing the old library shelves and art tables that were going to be thrown in the dumpster. 
      C.  Encouraging the use of other throw away materials like shoe boxes, tissue boxes  and the like to help in the construction of student projects.
    Please contact Mr. Ciccotelli with other ideas to help reduce, reuse and re-purpose with a purpose !!!