Welcome to the
    River Dell Middle School
    Department of Guidance and Counseling Website

    The transition back to school is exciting, yet can sometimes be difficult for students and their families. Getting off to a positive start can help shape your child’s attitudes and performance, both socially and academically. Help your child to adjust by establishing consistent routines, setting aside time each night to complete homework, and talking about their day at school. Set your child up for success!

    Please check the guidance website throughout the year for news and information regarding school counseling services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the guidance staff at the information provided below. 

    Contact Information
    River Dell Middle School
    230 Woodland Avenue
    River Edge, NJ 07661
    Supervisor of Guidance
    Mr. Richard Freedman
    (201) 599-7288
    School Registrar
    Mrs. Nancy Boettger
    (201) 599-7255
    River Dell Middle School
    Guidance Department Secretary
    Mrs. Nancy Boettger
    (201) 599-7255
    7th Grade Guidance Counselor                                         
    Mrs. Demetra Binder
    (201) 599-7256

    8th Grade Guidance Counselor and                                        Middle School Section 504 Officer 

    Ms. Marnie Ross
    (201) 599-7254
    Student Assistant Counselor
    Dr. Randie O'Neil
    (201) 599-7281