•                                   Welcome everyone to the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Ms. Sagalchik

    olgard olga.sagalchik@riverdell.org

    Week at a Glance can be found in a One Note Notebook
    olga pencil * click on the appropriate class
    Period 1 - Algebra 1 
    Extra Help: You can find me in Special Education office room 515                                            (across from the "Y")

    *I am available by appoitment:

    • in the morning (7:15 am-7:45am)olga help
    • during my prep period
    • lunch  
    *After school  every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 
    *Email me (olga.sagalchik@riverdell.org) or let me know in class if you need extra help.  


    olga office My Schedule:
           Period 1 - Geometry (RC) room 
          Period 2 - Algebra  (ICS) room 
                                               Period 3 - Prep
         Period 4 - Algebra  (ICS) room
                                               Period 5 - Prep
                                               Period 6 - Algebra  (RC) room 
                                               Period 7 - Prep
            Period 8 - Geometry (RC) room