• Daniel DiCairano
    Mathematics Teacher
    River Dell High School 
    Help Period: ROOM 320 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 2:35pm - 3:05pm (End time may be extended at instructor's discretion.)
    - Help Period will run as described above WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT.  Students may come in at any time during the session.
    - If the instructor is not in the room when you arrive, WAIT by the door until they do.  Unless notified on Week-at-a-Glance of a cancellation, the instructor will be there soon.
    - Bring class materials to the room.
    - Take a seat close to the front of the room near your instructor (there may be more than one instructor assisting their students in the same room).
    - Students MUST bring a specific question, homework problem, or example from class to go over collaboratively.  
    - The instructor will answer/discuss at least one question/topic for each student. 
        - Once every student has had an opportunity, additonal questions will be addressed (time permitting).
    Cancellation of Help Period can be found on each student's Week-at-a-Glance link in School Wires.