Welcome to River Dell High School Music

    Mr. Jeffery Wilson, Director


    201-599-7200 Ext 5191

    Easiest way to contact me is via email

    3rd Period Band

    4th Period History of Rock/Intro to Guitar

    6th Period Select Choir

    8th Period Concert Choir

    9th Period Concert Band/Concert Choir

    Office hours during lunch every day

    Students can come in and practice during any and all of their study halls or free period.  

    Please click this link for Mr. Wilson's Back to School Night Video. 

    This is for Period 3 Concert Band, Period 4 History of Rock/Guitar, Period 6 Select Choir, Period 8 Concert Choir, Period 9 Concert Band, Period 9 Concert Choir.

    Back to School Night Video 2020/2021