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    Below is a list of Activities and Clubs and their Advisors

Activity Advisor Homepage
Academic Decathlon
Anime Club
Art Club Casey D'Elia https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11713
Best Buddies Mario Meo and Samantha Altman https://www.riverdell.org/Page/14020
Book Club Barbara Connolly https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11694
Business Club Kelli Shill https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11693
Chess Club Michael O'Toole https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11729
Chinese Language/Culture Club Ming Ho https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11701
Class of 2019 Jennifer Luberto https://www.riverdell.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=11350
Class of 2020 Maureen Kiel https://www.riverdell.org/Page/12653
Class of 2021 Donald Seok https://www.riverdell.org/Page/13575
Class of 2022 Lisa Schiff https://www.riverdell.org/Page/14418
Class of 2023 Ms. Kantanas https://www.riverdell.org/Page/14743
Computer Science and Invention Club Dr. Chu
Creative Writing Desiree Ferrandi
Cyber Security Club Olga Sagalchik, En-Tseh Wang
Debate Team Barbara Connolly https://www.riverdell.org/Page/13577
Drama Club (Play) Bill Kaufman
Drama Club Assistant (Play) Bill Kaufman
Environmental Action Susan Carney https://www.riverdell.org/Page/13212
Fashion Club Victoria Kantanas
Federal Reserve Challenge Club
French National Honor Society Victoria Lorenzo https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11502
Future Engineers
Future Teachers Dawn Rivas https://www.riverdell.org/Page/848
Girls Who Code Club Dr. Chu
Global Connections Sue Carney https://www.riverdell.org/Page/5140
Hawks Political Club Michael O'Toole https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11728
History Club Michael O'Toole https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11727
Interact Allison Fontan, Olga Sagalchik https://www.riverdell.org/Page/12663
Invention Club Chin Chu https://www.riverdell.org/Page/702
Jazz Band Kevin Reilly https://www.riverdell.org/Page/12625
Literary Magazine Dana Maczuga, Lindsay Silverman https://www.riverdell.org/Page/1682
Marching Band/Drill Squads (Assistant Director) Kim DelGreco
Marching Band/Drill Squads (Director) Mike O'Reilly https://www.riverdell.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=3652
Marching Band/Drill Squads (Percussion) Peter Kennedy
Marching Band/Drill Squads (Woodwind) Peter Kennedy
Math Team Kear Halstater https://www.riverdell.org/Page/12698
Minds in Medicine Club Carrie Jacobus
Model UN Club Dawn Rivas
Mu Alpha Theta Club M. Borges/T.Metts https://www.riverdell.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=2638
National Art Honor Society Saratheresa Bartelloni, Alycia Russell https://www.riverdell.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=2438
National English Honor Society Susan Carney https://www.riverdell.org/Page/7113
National Honor Society Saratheresa Bartelloni https://www.riverdell.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=2439
Newspaper - Ridellion Dana Maczuga https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11686
Peer Leadership – Teacher Leaders B. DiUbaldo, M. Kehoe, T. Nolan https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11409
Peer Leadership (Advisors) M. Kiel, M. VanTol https://www.riverdell.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=2129
Photography Club G. Tucci https://www.riverdell.org/Page/1133
REBEL Samantha Altman https://www.riverdell.org/Page/13522
River Dell Cooking Club Anthony Traina, Steffan DelPiano https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11689
SAFE Club Desiree Ferrandi, En-Tseh Wang https://www.riverdell.org/Page/925
Science Nat'l.Honor Society Carrie Jacobus https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11712
Ski Club Kevin Looram https://www.riverdell.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=1555
Sound & Lights Club Anthony Traina https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11688
Spanish National Honor Society Kathryn Annechino https://www.riverdell.org/Page/809
Spring Musical Director William Kaufman
STEM Club Chin Chu
Student Government J. Cuccio-Morris https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11774
Students United for Animal Rights Angela Lee https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/359
Teen Freedom Corps Allison Fontan https://www.riverdell.org/Page/12685
Tri-M Music Honor Society Jeffery Wilson
Video Club Anthony Traina https://www.riverdell.org/Page/11687
Videographer A. Traina https://www.riverdell.org/Domain/60
Yearbook Advisor Danielle Russo
Zoology Club Michele Devincenzo, Kevin Looram https://www.riverdell.org/Page/7233