This Week in Film Analysis
    (Unit - Narrative Structure) 
    Focus: Mythic Structure from Ordinary World to Climax
    Genre: Thriller / Blockbuster (the original)
    This Week in English 12
     (Unit - Innocence & Experience)
    The Kite Runner
    (Focus: The Plot Thickens)
    This Week in Public Speaking
    (Unit: Intro to Public Speaking)
    Superman Supergirl Scarlet Thor
    SuperHero Speeches 
    (Focus: How Organized Are You?)


    Mr. Reich



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    CP/ICSEnglish 12
    Period 3 - Room 905
    Period 6 - Room 921
    Film Analysis
    Period 2 - Room 905
    Period 5 - Room 921
    Public Speaking
    Periods 7 - Room 921