Dr. Chiara Brandoni
    ALL extra help is after school by appointment as I may be in the building but not in my room. Simply send me an email or ask me in person and I can make sure I am in my room and not elsewhere.

    Extra help location: Room 406  

    Extra help times:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday morning (7:35) or after school (2:30-3:05 pm) with appointment. Please see me in advance to solidify a time/day.
    Welcome to my class.  We are going to be embarking on a fantatic journey this year.  Together, we will explore many things. We'll grow, change, and learn many things about ourselves and the world around us.  It's what life is all about.  Some things will be more challanging, some things less.  Not everything will come easy.  Do your best and seek help when you need it (do not wait until the day before the quiz/test), be honest, and be kind.  I am here for you and will be available for help whenever you need it.