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    Advisor - Ms. Bartelloni

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    AHS Officers 2017 - 2018

    • President,Isabella S
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    Criteria for Membership - Applications are available in the month of October.  Students are accepted on a probationary status and are formally inducted the following spring if they successfully meet the chapter criteria for membership.  Email Ms. Bartelloni with any questions:  saratheresa.bartelloni@riverdell.org.

    Art Scholarship:

    As a member of the National Art Honor Society, you must be in grades 10-12, have taken at least two semesters of Art and/or TV Production, and have maintained an average of 90 or better in all art/TV courses and 80 or better overall.

    As a member of the NAHS, you are expected to be an active art student. It is expected that you will be enrolled in art courses at River Dell.  
    As part of this application, you are expected to turn in a portfolio of artwork which includes 2 works of art from River Dell art courses and the recommendation of your Art teacher.



    It is expected that members of the National Art Honor Society are students of “good character” both in and out of the classroom. Applicants will submit the names of two art teachers able to speak to the character of the student.



    Members are expected to participate in chapter activities that promote art advocacy and assist members of the local (and beyond) community through the creation and appreciation of art.


    AHS Artist of the Month Roll Call

    Every month, the National Art Honor Society & faculty committee for selection chooses one student as the River Dell Artist of the Month.  This rotating exhibit was created to recognize students that have demonstrated excellent achievement and shown incredible growth as art students.   Selected students serve as inspirations to their peers and a set a standard to be met by all art students.
    Congratulations to the recepients of this title of distinction!

    May/June 2009 Anna Rothschild
    April 2009 Esther Pang
    March 2009 Danny Kim
    December/January 2008-2009 Finterly Hu
    June 2008 Mary Torre
    May & November 2008 Tovah Goldstein
    April 2008 Jillian Lucas
    March 2008 Jeong Sun Ham
    February 2008 Reid Schlegel
    January 2008 Richard Orsini
    December 2007 Christina Whittaker