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    National Honor Society

     - Delesage Chapter -

    Advisor:  Ms. Bartelloni
    Current Officers of the Delesage Chapter of the NHS

    President, Christopher B

    Vice President, Christian K

    Secretary, Julian K

    Treasurer, Benjamin K

    Parliamentarian, Salvatore A

    Volunteer Log Sheets
    Due the last day of each marking period.  Summer volunteer hours may be applied to Marking Period 1 hour requirements only.  Please complete your volunteer log sheets as uploaded to the Member Materials section of your OneNote Notebook.
    Criteria for Membership
    During Marking Period III of Junior (or Senior) Year, students who meet an accumulated weighted Grade Point Average of 93 are scholastically eligible for further consideration for selection to the Delesage Chapter of the National Honor Society at River Dell Regional High School.

    If you have met the scholastic requirement, you will receive a letter via school email from the NHS Advisor by the middle of March.

    The other criteria for membership are leadership, service, and character.

    Leadership is recognized as holding an elected office/position in the class, a club, a sport or in some civic or charity related organization.

    Service involves volunteer activities, for which the student is not compensated, and which occur on a regular time basis, on the average of 6 hours per month.

    The Faculty Council will evaluate each candidate's activity form which is emailed with a letter of eligibility and teacher recommendations as to character.

    Membership in the Delesage Chapter requires the student to maintain a 93.0-weighted average for the remainder of their senior year. It is also required that the student remain an active volunteer throughout the year participating in both individual and chapter service-based projects. Quarterly reports of volunteer activities are submitted to Ms. Bartelloni during the last week of each marking period. Failure to maintain the required grade point average or submit volunteer activity reports will lead to dismissal from the chapter.
    Past officers of the Delesage Chapter of the NHS
    President, Emily DiMaulo-Milk
    Vice President, Amar Hashem
    Secretary, Victoria Twardzik
    Treasurer, Zachary Liu
    Parliamentarian, Sung Jae Ahn
    Presient, Robert Klopf
    Vice President, Riley Link
    Secretary, Giselle Ocampo
    Treasurer, Julianne Montone
    Parliamentarian, Kevin Modica
    President, Jae Noh
    Vice President, Emily Hyman
    Secretary, Alina Kim
    Treasurer, Alexis Krasas
    Parliamentarian, Young Kim
    President, Joan Daly
    Vice President, Melanie Winters
    Secretary, Jenny Huh
    Treasurer, Antony Sare
    Parliamentarian, Nicholas Shanman
    President, Don Jun Park
    Vice President, Kevin Ng
    Secretary, Meghan Thadani
    Treasurer, Roma Shah
    Parliamentarian, Chris Bascomb
    President, Michael Harte
    Vice President, Jill McGovern
    Secretary, Sun Min Choi
    Treasurer, Michelle Castroagudin
    Parliamentarian, Annie Arjarasumpun

    President, Nicholas Schleiger
    Vice President, Laura Han
    Secretary, Hannah Lee
    Treasurer, Ellie Suh
    Parliamentarian, Zachary Chase
    President, Matthew Skroce
    Vice President, Catherine Vanacore
    Secretary, Chloe Sanducci
    Treasurer, Won Kyum Kim
    Parliamentarian, Mariko Curran


    President, Michael Sabella 
    Vice President, Raymond Chu
    Secretary, Christian de Luna 
    Treasurer, Shuhei Miyasaka
    Parliamentarian, Katie Dunleavy