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Holocaust Education Day

On Thursday, May 30th, River Dell Middle School will host its annual Holocaust Education Day. This year we will be partnering with the Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education in Suffern, NY. The program enhances the eighth-grade’s study of Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night. The purpose is to further explore and expand the causes and events leading up to and during the Holocaust and to connect the significance of this part of history to the student's own lives.


In preparation for Holocaust Education Day, students have participated in a multitude of activities and experiences about the Holocaust. Students have studied artifacts from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to understand what lead up to WWII. Students have viewed personal accounts of victims and survivors of the Holocaust. Additionally, students have read Night by Elie Wiesel, considered background information about the author, and participated in activities to delve more deeply into his experiences.


 During this full-day program, the eighth-grade students will take part in a variety of group activities, which include teacher-created workshop lessons, a panel exhibit provided by the Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education, a Holocaust survivor speaker, and a related movie. One of the workshop lessons include analyzing the use of propaganda and the control of information. The other workshop includes understanding how hate language can intensify quickly and generating ways to stop this escalation from happening.


Holocaust Education Day was organized and prepared with the help of Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education in Suffern, NY, the eighth-grade History Department comprising Brandon Flanagan, Anthony Manderano, Jon Zaccone, & Caitlin DuBois, and the eighth-grade Language Arts Department comprising Alison Saffos, Sue Keitel, Kat Jackson, and Lydia Oser. This event would not be possible without the support of the Board of Education, Superintendent Patrick Fletcher, Principal Richard Freedman, Vice Principal John Jasinski, and Supervisor of History and English Lisa Torres.  Thank you to Lisa Ring, Joanne Steccato, and Nancy Boettger for their help coordinating the event and to the River Dell Custodial staff for their help setting up equipment and the materials needed for the day.