5/4/2021 - Class of 2025- Every Day In-Person Learning Survey

Dear Eighth Grade Parents/Guardians,

In February River Dell began a process of providing students the opportunity to come to school on a more consistent basis. As previously shared with you by Mr. Fletcher, Superintendent of Schools, we have implemented a stratified approach.

The plan is as follows:

1. All students with IEP’s.

2. All students with 504 plans.

3. All students with I&RS plans.

4. General education students.

RDMS has now completed phase three and would like to explore offering the “eighth grade class” the opportunity to come to school every day for in person learning.

We are asking all eighth-grade class members and parents to please complete this online interest survey by Thursday May 6th, 2021 so that we can hopefully begin to prepare our classrooms for their arrival.

8th Grade In-Person Learning Survey

Please understand that we cannot promise this opportunity yet but are excited to collect the data and are very hopeful that we can begin a process of offering our eight grade students the opportunity to join us for daily in-person instruction.

As with any situation during this most unusual year, changes can come at any time and the ultimate safety of students and staff is at the core of our experience.


Richard Freedman

Richard Freedman
River Dell Middle School