Frequently Asked Questions

General Laptop Questions

Where should I go if I am having laptop issues?
If you have an issue with your laptop, please report to either the Middle School or High School Help Desk during the hours listed below:

High School Help Desk
Location: Room 118
Monday - Friday:   7:30AM-2:30PM 

Middle School Help Desk
Location: Media Center hallway
Monday - Friday: 7:30AM-2:30PM (Closed 12:00PM-1:00PM)

Where is my primary location for my saved files?
Your files should always be saved on your OneDrive. OneDrive files can be accessed anywhere by signing into your Office 365 account.

How am I supposed to lift my laptop?
You should never pick up or carry your laptop by the screen. Remember to grab it by the base and carry it in your bag.

My laptop is on, but the screen is black.
If your screen is black, hold down the power button for 15-20 seconds, let go of the power button, wait 10 seconds, then turn on your computer.

I cannot log in because the laptop reads: domain rdstudent is not available.
Whenever you see this problem, you must log into the laptop at River Dell High School using the school's network.

How do I turn on/turn off Tablet mode?
If you want to turn Tablet mode off, or it is still on when you'd prefer to be in the default mode, please click the dialog box on the bottom right hand side of your screen. Click the Tablet mode button to turn Tablet mode on (the button will turn blue) or off (the button will turn gray).

How often should I charge my laptop? Do I need to drain my laptop battery before charging?
You do not need to drain your laptop battery before charging it. The battery lasts about ten hours so you should charge it every night before you go to sleep.

What if the Laptop is left at home or is uncharged?

Students are expected to come to school daily with their laptops fully charged.  Students are prohibited from bringing their charger to school.
Students can sign out a Loaner Laptop for the school day at their school helpdesk if:
• They left their laptop at home (must speak with principal first).
• Their laptop is not charged.
• Their laptop is not working properly or is damaged.

The Loaner must be returned to the school’s tech office at the end of the day. If the Loaner is damaged or lost, the student is liable for the cost of repair or replacement.

If a student repeatedly forgets to bring their laptop to school or fails to charge it, their parents/guardians will be contacted, and they may be subject to disciplinary action.

What if the laptop runs out of charge while at school?
Students should fully charge the laptop before the start of each school day.  With proper management - minimal use of streaming music and video sites along with limitation on active tab quantity, a laptop should last the full school day.
At both schools, public charging stations will be available in:
   • Media Center
   • Helpdesk
   • Guidance
   • More locations may be added in the future if adoption is successful.

What are some good practices to avoid loss or damage?
Bring the laptop to the helpdesk with any concerns or questions. 
       o Damage may be prevented if a technician inspects the device.  
       o Don’t wait – loose screws or screen hinges can be quickly serviced.
       o Loaners have the same software and are identical to your laptop – you will not lose anything if you                      store your files in OneDrive.
Be careful not to toss or drop the laptop even if it is stored in a backpack or bag.
Do not cover any vents on the laptop.
Insert and remove cords, cables, and removable storage devices carefully with the laptop.
Use the Laptop and its charger away from water, direct heat, direct sunlight, food, drinks, small children              and pets.
Do not write or draw on, etch, or apply stickers, decals, or labels to the laptop.
Do not leave the laptop, charger or stylus unattended.
Do not lift Laptops by the screen.
Always carry a laptop either supported by both hands underneath the bottom or with one hand under an              edge with the lid closed.
Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g., pens, pencils, notebooks).
Do not wedge the laptop into a book bag or place anything in the carrying case/protective cover that will              compress the cover.
Do not poke or draw on the screen with any sharp object (pen, pencil, etc.)
Always transport the laptop in a bag or backpack that has a padded laptop compartment or insert. Do not            transport the charger with the laptop to avoid loss/damage.
Unplug the charger from the laptop before putting it in a bag, case, or backpack.
Do not use an aftermarket or non-district issued charger as this can result in device damage.

What if a student is using a laptop for non-educational or inappropriate use, (non-educational videos/music/games/etc.)
District issued laptops use a CIPA compliant web filter that works both on and off campus. 
Any student who is in class is monitored throughout the school day through a program that teachers have            on their laptop. Therefore, anything that is not appropriate will be flagged and shut down in the classroom. 
If a student logs on to their laptop at home, we are not able to monitor their screens, but major website              categories that fulfill CIPA compliance are blocked. Parent/guardian monitoring at home is suggested to              assist in keeping students' internet safe and help them learn good habits.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Laptop and Accessories

What can I do if I cannot find my laptop bag, strap, stylus, or charger?
First, report the loss to the main office and check everywhere possible. If you are unable to find the missing item(s), please report to room 118 or 146 to pay the replacement fee. For current replacement fees, please visit our replacement fee page.

What do I do if my laptop is stolen or lost?
First check with the main office, around your house, and in all of your classrooms. If you are still unable to locate the machine, report it as stolen to the police department within 48 hours and bring a copy of the police report to the Principal.

Can I use an aftermarket charger?
• All Laptops come with an original HP branded 65W Charger issued by the district. 
• Using an aftermarket charger could result in device damage. If a motherboard is found to be damaged due to use of an aftermarket charger, you may be required to pay for a motherboard or full device replacement. 
• If you require a replacement charger, the cost is $40, please stop by the Helpdesk to request a replacement. 
• Returning a laptop with an aftermarket charger will result in a replacement charge as we cannot issue or return a device with a non-OEM charger.  


My teacher has added me to the class, but I am not receiving any class emails.
If you joined a class late, your teacher will have to delete the class and re-add the entire class to the notebook. Please refer your teacher to the Tech Office to resolve this issue.

Where can I find tutorials on how to use OneNote?
Please refer to our Office 365 Tutorial page for video tutorials on how to use OneNote for your class.


I am not able to receive e-mails, and people who try to e-mail me receive bounceback messages. How do I fix this?
You should receive warning e-mails from Microsoft if you are getting close to your email storage limit. If this is the case, please delete any unnecessary e-mails and/or attachments from your e-mail inbox.

How can find a teacher's e-mail address?
Please refer to the High School or Middle School Staff Directory for a list of teachers' names. Staff e-mails are set up as [email protected].

Laptop Collection and Distribution

How do I pay my laptop fee?
Please visit our Community Pass help page to find tutorials on how to retrieve your CommunityPass password, fill out forms, and pay your laptop fees. Students will receive their laptop once all forms and fees have been paid.

Why am I locked out of my Genesis Portal?
If you are locked out of your Genesis account, you may have either had too many wrong password attempts or owe a laptop accessory from the previous year. If you need your password reset, please have your primary guardian email with the following information:

  • Primary Contact's full name
  • Child/children's full name (first and last)
  • Child/children's grade
  • Primary email address

If you owe a charger and/or stylus from the previous school year, your Genesis account has been locked. To unlock your Genesis portal, please return the missing accessory or the appropriate replacement fee to either the Middle School or High School Technology Room.

I didn't receive a stylus or charger at the beginning of the year. Why am I being charged for one?
All students receive a laptop, laptop case, charger, and stylus at the beginning of the year. No student is able to refuse an accessory during laptop distribution.

Can I keep my laptop over the summer?
Students are permitted to retain their laptops over the summer. They must be returned upon graduation, withdrawal or at the end of our lease cycle.

Why am I receiving a "used" laptop, charger and stylus?
All new students will receive laptops at the beginning of the school year.  If you enroll in the middle of our 3-year lease cycle, you will be issued a laptop that was previously used by a student that graduated or withdrew.  Each laptop is thoroughly inspected, sanitized, imaged and supported by our tech department.  Some devices may have minor cosmetic issues; however, they do not affect functionality and will not be exchanged.  When the lease cycle completes, you will return your laptop and be issued a new one and use until you graduate, withdraw or return it at the next lease conclusion.

What does the Warranty or Accidental Damage Protection policies cover?

The warranty covers only the laptop and no accessories which are comprised of the stylus, charger & bag.  Mechanical and functional failures of the device not attributed to abuse, or physical damage are covered by the device warranty.  Accidental Damage Protection covers damages from Power Surges, Theft, Fire/Flood, accidental liquid spills, damage if laptop falls due to accident.

What is NOT covered by the Accidental Damage Protection policy?

Lost or damaged chargers, power cord, case or stylus.  Devices that are lost or stolen and NOT reported to the police.
Devices that have been tampered with.
Vandalism/damage by a student, friend, or family member.
Keyboards that are damaged by pulling off keys - keys do not come loose with appropriate care and use.
Case of screen that has been deface by marker, pen, paint, adhesive from tape/stickers or scratched.


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